Happy Holiday Season to all past, present and future clients. Recently an interior designer I work with sent me a New York Times article about the New York based colorist, Eve Ashcroft. What struck me most about her practice is her fee schedule. She charges $275/hr with a ten hour minimum. Now, she works in Connecticut and New York, which include  the most expensive counties in the US, to be sure. Her minimum might reflect her desire for jobs only of a certain scope and clientele but what she did mention specifically, which I highly appreciated was, color design is a process.

I am interested in a wide variety of color puzzles: interior, exterior, residential, commercial, small, large, and any combination thereof. Similarly, I am interested in and enjoy working with a wide range of people. Color design is very much of a collaboration. Unlike the quilts and furniture I used to make, architectural color design is an amalgam of the materials and  preferences that are not always the artist’s. The most sublime results are when I delve so  fluidly that there is ample trust: that my choices are recognized as the best conduit for the client’s desires.

Current Rates

Residential Interiors

Flat Fee starting at $540 for a studio.

Minimum 1 hour continuing rate for current jobs then pro-rated on the half hour ($190/hr)

Residential Exteriors

Flat Fee ranging from $580-$1180, includes one hour follow up.

Any extra time charged hourly then pro-rated on the half hour ($190/hr).

Commercial Interiors/Exteriors

Flat fee starting at $1050.

Victoria Street


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