For two years I have used C2 Paint as my “go to” palette.  C2 is a cooperatively run paint company that was created by paint retailers who decided, why not create paint that we would want to use. C2 colors are amazing: the company uses a 16 pigment system that creates complex  formulas for fantastic and lively colors; the palette is an edited and gorgeous 496 colors; and the color space represented affords me great creativity and what I like to call “puzzle-solving.” C2 is also a great product (good application/coverage/durability/stability), otherwise I would not be using it. Through a circuitous chain of events  I became involved in designing some of their advertising and then was asked by the company to write copy for their color cards, the only ones in the Industry to use real paint.  Poetry strikes again!

The Nature/Color Connection Exempllfied

Part of the beauty of Nature’s color is the complexity  that we perceive all the time: every color we see is a composite of the sun’s full spectrum frequencies; the more pigments and complementary  relationships used in formulating color, the more that paint emulates the power, beauty, and harmony found in Nature. Further, because color elicits so many responses (physiological, neurological, emotional, cultural, individual, evocative, and most interesting to me, synesthetic), writing copy is the perfect analog to color’s global effect:

Viewing the actual paint color with

The name of the color and its verbal description with

The sound of the description with

The image it evokes with

The memories of experiences that it conjures.

I can access all the senses by creating a poetic scene, thus emulating color’s incredible power.

Putting a B.A in English to Work


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